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Three Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

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According to Search Engine Land, popular travel website Expedia has lost about 25% of their search visibility this month because of a penalty for paid links on article sites. It’s true that Google can punish you for SEO techniques it decides are illegitimate. In this case, Expedia was paying for their link to appear in posts that were keyword rich, but of poor quality.
The last thing you want is to see your website punished for poor linking practices, and there is definitely a right and a wrong way to do SEO. Here are three things you should avoid doing if you want your site to continue rising higher in search engine results.

1. You Didn’t Check the Quality of Postings

Most companies don’t do their SEO in-house. Instead, they hire SEO agencies to handle it for them. This includes

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Three Reasons to Resell SEO Online

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Did you know that the vast majority of people that use search engines never go beyond the first or second page of results? People who are running a business website that isn’t outfitted with all of the latest SEO (search engine optimization) tools could be missing out on a ton of website traffic. Instead of turning directly to the SEO firms for help, many people wind up purchasing these services from an SEO reseller.

What if you could be the one that they turn to? With an SEO reseller program from one of the top SEO firms could give you a chance to meet this high demand with a service that will help others to meet their goals. While a number of SEO firms offer these kind of programs, not all are created equally.

  • White Labeling – First and foremost, SEO firms should know the va

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Four Reasons Your Business Should Partner With SEO Firms

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Though it is hard to do, standing out online and attracting consumers who use the internet to make purchases is a vital process for modern businesses looking to grow. According to estimates by Forrester Research, Americans alone will spend more than $320 billion online by 2016, so there are plenty of opportunities for owners and managers who are trying to find new customers. While there are several ways to build a stronger web presence that boosts visibility, SEO almost always proves to be valuable. While some companies are fortunate enough to have both the skilled employees and resources to do all of their work in house, others will find that working with SEO specialists is the better option.

Quality Content

In the past, if businesses wanted to improve SEO rankings, they generally

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Expand Your Web Services to Include SEO for Your Clients

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Do you own an Internet services company that offers web design or social media marketing for its clients? If so, you’ve probably noticed the increased importance of expert SEO in establishing a company’s identity online and connecting with prospective customers. You may be in a position where you’d like to expand your offerings to include professional SEO services for your clients, but you don’t currently have the personnel, technological infrastructure, or experience to develop an SEO program on your own. You may want to consider outsourcing SEO management and becoming an SEO reseller.

But how does this paradigm work exactly? Ideally, the best SEO company will create the original content, including writing the copy and overseeing the implementation of SEO strategies using state-of the-art software

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Expand Your Web Services for Clients and Become an SEO Reseller

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Do you run your own web services company, but you have yet to offer SEO Internet marketing as part of your packages? Perhaps you already provide clients with superior website design and social media marketing, but you’d like to do even more to ensure that your customers are plainly visible to users who regularly access search engine results. You may want to consider expanding the scope of your business and becoming an SEO reseller.

In this paradigm, you outsource SEO on behalf of your clients to SEO specialists who create original content and monitor the marketing campaigns using software and analytics. They then sell the resulting SEO package to you so that you can sell it back to your customers for a profit. The product you are offering effectively becomes private label SEO, also known as white label SEO, wh

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