White Label SEO…Why It’s The Better Choice

White label SEO, Black label SEO…the words evoke images of stealth and subterfuge, of the clash between the forces of good and evil. Although not quite as dramatic, the two opposing forces do lock horns on what is perhaps the most contested marketing turfs ever to have existed: the Internet.

In order to understand what white label SEO is and why it is so favored…and why Black label SEO, in contrast, is so abhorred…it would be worthwhile to understand the forces that drive search engine ranking. And one of the most crucial elements is SEO or search engine optimization.

SEO is a set of techniques by which a website can be made to rank higher in the results pages of the major search engines. You didn’t really think that search engine placement was a random occurrence, did you? How and where a particular website ranks on the search engine results pages is in fact due to a number of factors, in which white label SEO often plays a primary role. By implementing techniques such as proper keyword identification and usage, linking, and various other techniques, a website can rank high up on the results pages of the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, and perhaps even attain the top position.

This obviously makes it easier for web searchers to find specific sites that they want, and more likely that they will click on these “SEO-powered” or white label seo sites in preference to the others lower down on the page. As you can imagine, this can increase the site’s visitor count tremendously, and subsequently increase the site’s chances of converting visitor hits into actual sales. SEO can therefore be a crucial component to a company’s marketing efforts.

Now this is where white label SEO comes in. This method of SEO relies on methods that are generally accepted by the major search engines. In addition to the aforementioned keyword usage and link building, White label SEO practitioners may employ content development and a host of other techniques, just as long as they pass the criteria set by the major search engines. On the other hand, Black label SEO should be avoided if you want to get the site ranking you want. In fact, not only will Black label SEO hurt your ranking, it may even get your site banned entirely.