How Resellers Help You with Google

Google search is the largest search engine on the internet. A competent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reseller can help your agency pop up on the first search page when the right key words are entered by your perspective customers. A white label SEO will be able to bring the right visitors to your website as well as help to create a positive and lucrative web presence for your agency.

How Important is Google?

Google search is the primary search engine on the World Wide Web. They are also the largest source of traffic for your website. When potential customers search on Google search and your website pops up on the first page you increase your chances exponentially that they will at least click on your page and at most contact you for services. A good SEO reseller will also help you with your web design and make it engaging. Google search weeds out websites by reading your site content and looking for key phrases in Meta tags, headings and regular content. Once Google search has you on the first page and you are top in the search, customers will start clicking on your website. This will increase your revenue and help to create return and referral business.

Search Criteria and Keyword Strategies for Google Search

Keywords are vital for your website to end up on the newest Google search page. Your SEO reseller will help pick words that will optimize results. They should be lower case and of medium size. Keyword placement is also vital. A valuable SEO will explain the importance of placement starting with the Title Meta data all the way to Anchor Tags and Tags in pictures that are links. Google’s annual revenue is the created by clients and consumers using the keywords when performing searches online. Once you have decided on an SEO outsourcer they should sit down with you and brainstorm keywords and key phrases to keep you on top.

Google’s Wonder Wheel Now Contextual Targeting Tool

The Wonder Wheel is a form of contextual targeting. It started out as the Wonder Wheel and then disappeared for a year or so, then it came back as a new tool. This tool makes it easy to find related keywords and helps customers or clients find your business. In the past the Wonder Wheel created a visual display linking keywords to help with searches. Because keyword searching is so critical a good SEO reseller will utilize the Contextual Targeting Tool to make sure all relevant searching leads to your business.

First Page Rankings

Having first page domination with one or more listings means business for your company. Your SEO will be increasing your visibility on all search engines. Seeing your company show up on the first page of a Google search will stand out to a customer or client and increase their trust in your ability to perform and deliver.

Google Penalties

It is important when using a SEO reseller that they are not hurting your rankings with Google search. A penalty is the negative impact on your search rankings because of an algorithm update. A good SEO will make sure to build high quality links as well as generate quality content for the search. You want to find a company that will be creating backlinks on an ongoing basis to give your customers an easy path to your website and keep Google search happy.

White Label SEO and Google

White label SEO’s will brand all client reports with your company’s logo. Google search will recognize your company’s brand and message while your SEO is one hundred percent invisible. This in turn allows them to provide you with a cost-effective outsource for your promotions. By eliminating your need to have an in-house SEO team you can focus on customer service and sales while the SEO reseller delivers the services you are promoting.

Outsource SEO

A good outsource SEO will be able to offer you one hundred percent confidentiality. They will produce good solid content for Google search to pick up and they will be accountable. You should go with a company that answers questions as well as the phone promptly. Their web page should be easy to navigate and give you all the information up front.

The bottom line is your company should seek out and find a solid SEO reseller who knows how to use Google search to the advantage of your company. This will mean positive revenue by increasing your leads and the customers trust in your company. It is important that they know the ins and outs of Google and how to not only keep you on the top of the list but how to keep Google search from penalizing you for spam links and hurting your rankings. Your company will benefit from a professional SEO reseller by increased traffic and solid customer leads.

How to Aim for White Hat Over Black Hat SEO

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In the world of SEO, there are typically two roads a company can venture down. One will lead to accepted practices and more or less “playing by the rules” in the eyes of the search engines, and the other will go rogue using frowned-upon tactics to see what kind of returns they can bring. For any new company, it pays to stick to the straight and narrow, mostly because the frowned-upon practices can often result in penalization from the search engines themselves. Welcome to the world of white and black hat SEO.

White Hat Practices

  • Au Naturale Keywords: This is where researching can pay off in huge dividends. The best SEO companies aren’t just loading up their blog posts with any old phrases, but with real writing that flows and, hey, maybe even has a bit of poetry in the language. In oth

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Three Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

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According to Search Engine Land, popular travel website Expedia has lost about 25% of their search visibility this month because of a penalty for paid links on article sites. It’s true that Google can punish you for SEO techniques it decides are illegitimate. In this case, Expedia was paying for their link to appear in posts that were keyword rich, but of poor quality.
The last thing you want is to see your website punished for poor linking practices, and there is definitely a right and a wrong way to do SEO. Here are three things you should avoid doing if you want your site to continue rising higher in search engine results.

1. You Didn’t Check the Quality of Postings

Most companies don’t do their SEO in-house. Instead, they hire SEO agencies to handle it for them. This includes

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